Galapagos, the „Enchanted Islands“
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8 days of pure adventure in the Galapagos Islands getting to know more about Santa Cruz, Bartolome, Seymour, Plaza Sur, Santa Fe, and relaxing in the middle of nature in Puerto Ayora.

Transfer – Charles Darwin Research Station

Your flight will land on Baltra Island where our guide will meet you to provide assistance from the airport to Puerto Ayora, where the Hotel Silberstein is located. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and requires transfers until you reach the Itabaca channel where you are waiting for the transport that will take you to the Puerto Ayora.

On the way you will make a stop at the Twin Craters that are on the sides of the road that leads to Puerto Ayora. Two impressive formations formedby volcanic material inside underground chambers. In this place you will see an important population of Scalecias, endemic plant of Galápagos very characteristic of the high areas.

A guide will accompany you to the visit of the Charles Darwin Research Station, home of the famous and centenary turtle „El Solitario George“, originally from the Pinta Island that died in June 2012. The station has an interpretation center that recounts the origin of the Islands and several sites where their programs for the conservation of the Galapagos species are shown.


The trip to this island begins in Puerto Ayora, early in the morning at 06h00 with a transfer to the Itabaca Channel where you will receive the staff of the boat. The trip to Bartolome lasts approximately 2 hours.

During the trip it is possible that the boat is accompanied by schools of dolphins jumping next to the yacht. Once on the island, you should prepare for a walk and climb a staircase that will take you to the viewpoint of the famous „Pinnacle Rock“, one of the most famous postcards of the Galapagos. When climbing the stairs, little by little you will be immersed in a volcanic landscape, dozens of reddish-brown craters unfold on the island giving the appearance of a lunar landscape.

In the afternoon after lunch on board, you will have time to observe, with a little luck, small colonies of Galapagos penguins (Spheniscus mendiculus) that nest in this area and eventually snorkel with them, sea turtles and starfish. On this island there are two beaches that interconnect their dunes and are the nesting site for sea turtles and perfect for spotting sharks.

You will be back at the hotel at approximately 18h00 to Puerto Ayora.


Your pick you up will be at 08h00 to transfer you to the Itabaca Channel where the yacht’s staff waits for the boarding. The navigation lasts approximately 1 hour.

Near the arrival the gray forms of Palo Santo trees are distinguished that usually are without leaves most part of the year. Swallow-tailed gulls and frigatebirds fly over the island, the males of this species with their big red ball in the chest try to conquer the females, while on the trail you will find dozens of blue footed boobies nesting or in their nuptial ritual, an interesting and funny dance with a characteristic whistle of these birds, it is truly unforgettable. It is usual to see the blue footed boobies flying around the coast in search of food and diving at high speed to fish, it is a quality that these birds have due to special protection on their wings that waterproof them while diving.

Seymour, is perhaps the island that best summarizes the best known species of the Galapagos, in addition there you can see sea lions, marine and terrestrial iguanas, pelicans, frigates among others.

The return is approximately at 16h00 pm to enjoy the comfort of the hotel or a pleasant walk in the village.

South Plaza

Your will pick you will be at 08h00 to transfer you to the Itabaca Channel where the yacht’s staff waits for the boarding. The navigation lasts approximately 1 hour and a half until you reach the pier of South Plaza Island, a small islet of barely 13 hectares, but whose richness in fauna and flora make it one of the favourite destinations for travellers. The disembarkation is made in the channel between North Plaza Island that is closed to the visits for being a scientific laboratory of the Galapagos and South Plaza where a sea of ​​turquoise waters contrasts with the black colour of the volcanic rock.

Colonies of sea lions rest on the shores of the island, the males are always vigilant of their group and are very territorial. Impressive opuntias unfold near the coast and all over the Island on a sesuvium carpet, a shrub that in the dry season takes a reddish color, among them are the terrestrial and marine iguanas. The coexistence of these two species has produced a hybrid species that can also be observed in South Plaza. It is also an ideal place for sightings of seabirds such as masked boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, lava gulls and frigatebirds.

You will return to the hotel at approximately 16h00 for a well-deserved rest.

Santa Fe

The pickup will be at 8h00 in the morning from the hotel, the starting point can be from Puerto Ayora or the Itabaca Channel and it depends on the boat that sails to the destination. The journey takes approximately 2 hours.

The island of Santa Fe is home to several species of land iguanas, however on this island you will occasionally see an endemic species of this reptile, the iguana Conolophus pallidus, which only inhabits Santa Fe has a pale yellow colour and is of greater size compared to other land iguanas. In addition, four species of endemic rodents live here, whose nocturnal habits do not allow us to see them during the day but they are important in the food chain of the sparrow hawks and Galapagos owls.

There are studies that speak of Santa Fe as one of the oldest islands of the archipelago, its foundations are rocks with more than 3 million years old. Snorkelling in the turquoise waters surrounding the island is one of the best in the Galapagos Islands, you can easily see sea turtles, wolves, tropical fish and blue sharks.

The return to Puerto Ayora will be at approximately 17h00.

Tortuga Bay and Highlands of Santa Cruz

The guide will pick you up at 08h00 in the morning to start the tour to Tortuga Bay Beach. During the journey you will observe several kinds of finches and cacti throughout the trail.

The Tortuga Bay is named because it is a nesting place for sea turtles. The walk will continue along the shore where you will see marine iguanas that contrast with the beautiful landscape of fine white sand. You will advance to a quiet beach where an arm of calm sea waters and mangrove formations will give you a well-deserved rest. The return journey is made by the same path to go to your hotel and the guide will tell you the time to start the afternoon tour.

In the afternoon the tour continues to the High Part of Santa Cruz home to the largest population of giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. During the trip it is possible to experience the climate change that exists between the port and this area that is more temperate and humid. The activity of many private farms located her cultivate agricultural products and the care of the endemic species that exist there. The highlands of Santa Cruz are an ideal place for bird watching, the patillo, the gallareta, the pachay and the witch bird are some examples. Before the return, you will be able to experience an exciting walk through the lava tunnels formations that originated in the step of superficial lava that cooled in contact with the atmosphere.

At approximately 17h00 pm you will be back at the hotel to enjoy a cocktail or a walk in the town.

Tranfer to the airport

According to your flight itinerary, the hotel reception will inform you of the departure time in which our staff will take you to the Baltra airport.

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