Ecuadorian roses 

Who has not been fascinated by a beautiful rose? Red, white, yellow, pink, there are many rose colors in the world. The Ecuadorian rose is a unique example of how fascinating these flowers can be with their thick and long stems, their large buttons, different colors and their durability after cutting, which have led them to become a reference of love, beauty and elegance worldwide.

At more than 2.000 m above sea level, there are several flower production centers in Ecuador. Due to the geographical position of the country, the sun’s illumination of 10 to 12 hours a day and the temperature throughout the year it is possible to have the perfect environment for the production of these flowers. In addition, the soil with volcanic earth found in Ecuador makes it one of the countries with the best conditions for its production.

Something that is really special of the Ecuadorian roses are their characteristics, as for example one of its species which has a stem of up to 1.80 cm, a unique rose that is highly valued in Russia and the European market.

Due to the short distances in Ecuador in which you can move from one place to another it will be possible for you to visit different haciendas where these beautiful roses are produced. If you are staying in Quito you can go up north to Cayambe or south to Cotopaxi where for several generations families have produced export roses of different species, each time innovating and diversifying their products. T

Visiting these haciendas allows you to know more about each species, its colors, smell, how they are produced and enter to the plantations and factories where they are cut and packed, and, why not, also buy a bouquet of roses to decorate your room during your stay in Ecuador.

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