Pailón del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron)


A waterfall with a drop of approximately 80 m is located on the route of Baños – Puyo which is known as the Pailón del Diablo. You may wonder why it is called like that. The origin of its name is the peculiar shape of the rocks where you can find the face of a devil if you look very carefully.

The waterfall has 3 waterfalls with a volume of water of around 3.000 cubic meters causing a large swirl to form at the end.

To appreciate this impressive place, you should go down a path where you can see the flora and fauna of the area such as the famous orchids, hummingbirds and butterflies that join you during the walk and then cross a suspension bridge and reach the edge of the waterfall. While you are on the suspension bridge do not forget to turn around and see the famous stone with the face of the “Prince of Darkness”. Once you have crossed the bridge you will reach a viewpoint from where you can contemplate the waterfall in all its splendor.

Its crystalline water takes turquoise tones when reaching the bottom and splashes those who go down a path of stone steps to the viewpoints. Some moments the fog covers parts of the landscape and then clears to see a green environment and the beautiful waterfall.

The more adventurous decide to get closer to the waterfall by entering a small cave of rocks that have been formed and can only be crossed by scrawling on the wet rocks, a worthwhile experience. Of course, you must be well equipped with a water poncho or waterproof clothing to enjoy this adventure.

As a complement to this visit it is ideal to take walks in the surroundings with specialized guides who will let you know all about this area.

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