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Social Responsibility

Tren Crucero (4)Galextur is an environmentally conscious, community minded company. Our flagship Silberstein Hotel, formerly known as Angermeyer Hotel, is a pioneer in its use of solar power to heat water on the Galapagos Islands. Although solar technology was not widely used in Ecuador until recently, our hotel has been using this renewable and environmentally friendly resource for nearly 20 years, within the fragile surroundings of the Galapagos Islands.

All our toiletries and cleaning products are biodegradable and our offices in Puerto Ayora contribute to a plastic and paper recycling program established on the islands a few years ago by the local government. Likewise, we are committed to actively participating in a program that eliminates the use of plastic bags and encourages people to use cloth bags.

In our Quito office, we recycle paper and plastic by donating these materials to the Fundación Hermano Miguel, an institution which is dedicated to: Physical Therapy, Technical and Orthopedic Assistance, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Specialist Medical Services and Defending the rights of handicapped people.

Furthermore, we contribute donations to the San Juan de Dios foundation, which works to help people in poverty by providing a decent place for them to eat and temporary accommodation.
At Galextur, this is our way of making a small but constant contribution to the planet and to the community.