Social and Environmental Responsibility

Galextur is an active member in the community and is committed to the protection of the environment. This is why we have been involved in various projects which support the different environments our tours and products operate in.

It is very important for us that our guests not only get to know Ecuador, but that they also know they are traveling with a company that acts responsibly in the places we operate. We are always taking care of the environment and striving for a better quality of life for each person that helps us to deliver an unforgettable experience to our clients.

Some of the environmental and social projects which Galextur participates in are:

Recycling with the Hermano Miguel Foundation
In our office in Quito we separate our garbage so that the recyclable material can be donated to Hermano Miguel Foundation. This incredible foundation is dedicated to: physical rehabilitation, medical and orthopedic aids, occupational rehabilitation, language rehabilitation, specialized medical services and defense of rights for the disabled.
Support for Ecuadorian sports
The Silberstein family has had a lot of influence and experience in promoting sports to encourage healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, which is why we supported the formation of the handball club and the further development of this sport in Ecuador.
Donations to the San Juan de Dios Foundation
Galextur has contributed to this foundation with regular donations which will help indigenous people in need by giving them temporary shelter, accommodation or a place to eat.

We will always consider being socially and environmentally responsible a priority when it comes to the management of our Hotels. We have established the following projects in order to accomplish this:

Pioneers in the use of solar panels at Hotel Silberstein
Our hotel, which was originally called Hotel Angermeyer, was a pioneer in the use of solar energy for water heating in the Galapagos Islands. This technology, little used in Ecuador until now, was part of the hotel's infrastructure almost 20 years ago and uses a renewable and environmentally friendly resource which protects the fragile environment of the Galapagos Islands.
Water station
We keep a permanent water refill station for our guests at the Hotel Silberstein reception so guests can reuse their plastic bottles and drinks containers.
Garbage separation project
In Puerto Ayora – Galapagos, we actively participate in local initiatives such as garbage separation which helps maintain good waste management in the Galapagos Islands. Our office in Puerto Ayora contributes to the paper and plastic recycling program established on the islands a few years ago by the local government.
Biodegradable cleaning products
We use environmentally friendly products to lessen the impact of harmful chemicals on the islands.
Elimination of the use of plastic bags
Likewise, we are committed to actively participating in the program that eliminates the use of plastic bags and encourages people to use cloth alternatives.
Participation in the network of establishments in the La Mariscal neighborhood
The City Art Hotel Silberstein is part of this neighborhood network and participates in the initiatives and activities that occur in La Mariscal.
Environmental awareness for guests
In both Hotel Silberstein and City Art Hotel Silberstein, we always seek to communicate to our guests how they can contribute personally to the conservation of the environment, whether it is by not wasting water, reusing towels or any contribution they may have during their stay in Ecuador. 

In this way, Galextur makes small but constant contributions to the planet and the community.