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Combined Dive Tour

Experience the best of the Galapagos under water. Chose from two dives per day with our experienced PADI instructor and dive team and our comfortable boat, Fioval.
Beginner or intermediate divers have nothing to lose! Seymour, Mosquera, Plazas and Daphne are ideal diving locations. Contact us now to check for availability.
If you are looking for something more adventurous, consider Floreana and Bartolomé. More experienced divers with a minimum of 30 dives under their belts will be ready to dive Gordon Rocks.
Our itineraries are regulated and approved by the Galapagos National Park Directorate:
• MONDAY: Gordon Rocks
• TUESDAY: Floreana
• WEDNESDAY: Gordon Rocks
• THURSDAY: Mosquera / Daphne Minor
• FRIDAY: South Mosquera / Seymour
• SATURDAY: Cousin’s Rock/ Bartholomew
• SUNDAY: North Seymour

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